Top Ten Mission Statements

Top Ten Mission Statements
Some of these Mission Statements may not be famous but their companies certainly are! The company names mentioned on this page are instantly recognised - globally. The Top Ten Mission Statements have been selected according to the following criteria: whether they are Short and Concise, Memorable, Clear and engaging, Inspiring and contain Powerful and compelling words.

The success and fame of many of these companies is due to the emergence of the internet. Reading our selection of Top Ten Mission Statements provide a good outline to creating a Mission statement for yourself, your own company or small business. These Top Ten Mission Statements are also extremely interesting in their own right.

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Mission Statements

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Top Ten Mission Statements
Listed below is our list of Top Ten Mission statements:

Top Ten Mission Statements

"We create happiness by providing the finest in entertainment
for people of all ages, everywhere."

2Pepsi"We have absolute clarity about what we do
Our success will ensure: customers will build their business, employees build their futures, and shareholders build their wealth."
3Google"To make the world's information universally accessible and useful"
4Amazon"To build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online"
5Virgin Atlantic"Safety, security and consistent delivery of the basics are the foundation of everything we do."
6Sony"To experience the joy of advancing and applying technology for the
benefit of the public."
7Ford"We are a global family with a proud heritage passionately committed to providing personal mobility for people around the world."
8Toys 'R' Us"Our Goal is to be the Worldwide Authority on Kids, Families and Fun."
9eBay"eBay's mission is to provide a global trading platform where practically anyone can trade practically anything."
10Health Net"To help people be healthy, secure and comfortable."
Top Ten Mission Statements

Disney - The Number One in the Top Ten Mission Statements
The Disney example is a great example of how to write a Mission Statement. It uses 'power' words to make the Disney Mission Statement stand out. In the Disney example the word 'happiness' stands out a mile.

Importance of these Top Ten Mission Statements
The importance of these Top Ten Mission Statements should not be underestimated. One good paragraph will describe the values, services and vision for the future. Click the link for access to samples and examples of Famous Mission Statements and Company Mission Statements which have been developed by other highly successful companies, businesses and corporations. The collection of these  Top Ten Mission Statements detailed on this page, will help you with your own task.


How to Write Top Ten Mission Statements - Watch the Video!
We have provided a short video on a simple step-by-step guide on writing an effective and descriptive statement.


Top Ten Statements - Watch the Video!


Watch the Video!

Writing a report or business plan? Need to find out how to write a descriptive statement? Our Samples and Examples Help! Our free, short video provides a good example of how to complete this task. The short video is designed to provide some inspiration to approaching this important business undertaking. Save yourself some time and look at the example for help and inspiration.

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Top Ten Mission Statements - Sample Guide and Template
We hope you have found ideas, help and inspiration for writing an effective mission statement and looking at our examples of Top Ten Mission Statements.


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Top Ten Mission Statements

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Top Ten Mission Statements

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