How to Write a Mission Statement

How to Write a Mission Statement
Write a Mission Statement that reflects the core purpose, identity, values and principle aims of an organization. An effective and successful Mission Statement is powerful and compelling conveying confidence in the organization and the people connected with it. Mission Statements are difficult to write - they should short, clear, vivid, inspiring and concise statement without using jargon, complicated words or concepts. They are included in documents such as Business Plans and Handbooks and can be described as a cross between a company slogan or tagline, and an executive summary! Successful Mission Statements are memorable and engaging. A combination of both a company's mission and vision of the future may be included in a Mission Statement. No wonder they are are hard to write!

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How to Write a Mission Statement - The difference between a Vision and a Mission Statement
The difference between a Mission and a Vision Statement is explained in the following definitions. A combination of both is often included, or wrapped up, in a Mission Statement.

Definition of a Mission Statement: 'Purpose, reason for being'. Defined simply "Who we are and what we do".
Definition of a Vision:  'An Image of the future we seek to create'.

How to Write a Mission Statement - What are Mission Statements? What is the Definition?
A good definition for a Mission Statement is therefore a sentence or short paragraph which is written by a company, business or organization which reflects its core purpose, identity, values and principle business aims. It contains important information about a company or organization in a nutshell. This should include the company mission (what the company does, its products, its services and its customers) and can include its vision (the future plans with aims and objectives).

How to Write a Mission Statement - How long should it be?
A good example is just one sentence or one short paragraph consisting of between two and four sentences.

The Importance of a Mission Statement
Their importance and their relevance to strategic planning should not be underestimated. One small sentence will describe the major function of a company. One short, good paragraph will briefly describe a company, its values, products, USP (Unique Selling Points), services and vision for the future - all of which will convey a highly professional image. All companies change with time and changes should be reflected in and are therefore often reviewed every five years.

Useful Hints and Tips on How to Write a Mission Statement
Some hints and tips on how to write a How to Write a Mission Statement are as follows:.


Take your time when writing, its a difficult but very important task, learning how to write one takes time! Above all it must be accurate and concise!

Get the 'feel' of them by checking out the samples and examples of some big companies. Click Sample Mission Statements for this information

Make short separate lists of the following:
 Products - Pricing, Quality, Range
 Services - What you do for your customers and how well you do it!
 Technology - Your use of Technology
 People involved in your business:
Competitors - Your position in the marketplace - and your USP ( Unique Selling Points )
The Community
Your Values and Philosophy
Your Vision - future plans with aims and objectives if you wish to include them in your statement
Pick out the most important points
Obtain input from other people and review the corporate examples and samples again
List some positive words - power words to include in your statement
You will now be in an excellent position and know how to write a Mission statement!

Put your most important words together which must be combined in one sentence or short paragraph. You will then have learned How to write a Mission Statement! Next, watch the video!

Power Words
You are hoping that your statement will meet  the objectives of being short, concise, memorable, clear, engaging and Inspiring. To help you meet these goals use some powerful and compelling words in your statement - Power words. These include 'power words' such as Happiness, Finest, absolute, quality, clarity success, proven, ensure, accessible, discover, safety, security, consistent, delivery, experience, magic, joy, benefit, global, family proud, heritage, passionately, committed, authority, fun, healthy, secure and comfortable. There are many other power words that you can use when you write - be imaginative, inspiring and creative!


How to Write a Mission Statement - Watch the Video!
We have provided a short video on a simple step-by-step guide on how to write an effective statement.


How to Write a Mission Statement - Watch the Video!


How to Write a Mission Statement
Watch the Video!

Need to write a report or business plan? Need to find out how to write a Mission Statement? Our Samples and Examples Help! Our video provides a good example of how to complete this job. The short video is designed to provide some inspiration to approaching this important business undertaking. Save yourself some time and look at the example for help and inspiration.

How to Write a Mission Statement

How to Write a Mission Statement - Sample Guide and Template
We hope you have found ideas, help and inspiration to write an effective statement which is suitable for your associates, customers and employees.


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How to Write a Mission Statement

How to Write a Mission Statement
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How to Write a Mission Statement

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