How to Write a Vision Statement

How to Write a Vision Statement
Write a Vision Statement that provides an inspiring visualization of the future. The definition of a Vision Statement is a sentence or short paragraph providing a broad, inspirational image, or vision, of the future a clear guide and direction. A Vision is defined as 'An Image of the future we seek to create'.

A Vision Statement is usually applicable to a company, business or organization but many people are also developing a Personal Vision statement to add to the details of their CV. They contain details of their hopes for the future - their vision (the future plans with aims and objectives.) These types of statements focus on tomorrow. A good Vision Statement contains important information about these hopes for the future - in a nutshell.

How to Write a Vision Statement

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How to Write a Vision Statement - The difference between a Vision and a Vision Statement
The difference between a Mission statement and a Vision Statement is explained in the following definitions, some people choose to create a description which combines the two, but itís easier and more effective to write separate Mission and Vision statements!.

Definition of a Mission Statement: 'Purpose, reason for being'. Defined simply "Who we are and what we do".
Definition of a Vision Statement:  'An Image of the future we seek to create'.

How to Write a Vision Statement - Where do you start?
Concentrate on where you believe the company will be in five years time. The most effective way to write a Vision Statement is to avoid jargon, complicated words or concepts - remember you are writing this for both the public and also employees of the company. The Vision of a company should include reference to what future achievements are hoped for, in relation to:

Product expansion / diversity
Improvements and additional Services
Increased numbers of Customers and market share

How to Write a Vision Statement - How long should it be?
A good example is just one sentence or one short paragraph consisting of between two and four sentences. The importance of this type of description should not be underestimated. One small sentence can convey confidence in the future of a companyÖ

The Importance of a Vision Statement
Their importance and their relevance to strategic planning should not be underestimated. One small sentence will describe the major function of a company. One short, good paragraph will briefly describe a company, its values, products, USP (Unique Selling Points), services and vision for the future - all of which will convey a highly professional image. All companies change with time and changes should be reflected in revised statements that should therefore often reviewed every five years.

Useful Hints and Tips on How to Write a Vision Statement
Some hints and tips on how to write a How to Write a Vision Statement are detailed below. First gather important information before writing about the future of your company. Make short separate lists of the following:


Future Potential Products - Pricing, Quality, Range

Service - What you hope to provide for your customers, is your end goal clear? Aims for service levels and performance levels?

Your Values and Philosophy

Your investment in, and use of, Technology. Clear end Benefits?

Competitors - Your future position in the marketplace

Your Differentiators or USP's (Unique Selling Points)

Your plans for expansion

Make your words count! Use 'power words' to add impact (see below)
You will now be in an excellent position and know how to write a Vision statement!

Put your most important words together which must be combined in one sentence or short paragraph. Next, watch the video! You will then have learned How to write a Vision Statement!

How to Write a Vision Statement - Use Power Words
You are hoping that your statement will meet  the objectives of being short, concise, memorable, clear, engaging and Inspiring. To help you meet these goals and add impact to your Vision Statement use some powerful and compelling words in your statement - Power words. These include 'power words' such as Developing - Enhancing - Generated - Impacting - Implementing - Revitalizing - Delivering - Establishing - Increasing - Demonstrating - Consolidating - Winning - Happy - Secure - Controlling - Creating - Empowering Energizing - Gaining - Growing - Influencing - Modernizing - Optimizing - Pioneering - Revitalizing. There are many other power words that you can use when you write a vision statement. Be imaginative, inspiring and creative!

Vision Statements & Power Words

Power Words


Power Words

Power Words



How to Write a Vision Statement - Watch the Video!
We have provided a short video on a simple step-by-step guide on how to write an effective statement.


How to Write a Vision Statement - Watch the Video!


How to Write a Vision Statement
Watch the Video!

Need to write a report or business plan? Need to find out how to write a Vision Statement? Our Samples and Examples Help! Our free video provides a good example of how to complete this job. The short video is designed to provide some inspiration to approaching this important business undertaking. Save yourself some time and look at the example for help and inspiration.

How to Write a Vision Statement

How to Write a Vision Statement - Sample Guide and Template
We hope you have found ideas, help and inspiration to write an effective statement which is suitable for your associates, customers and employees.


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How to Write a Vision Statement

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How to Write a Vision Statement

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