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Engagement Announcement Wording

Engagement Announcement Wording
An Engagement Announcement card is sent to inform people that a couple have become engaged and the intended date of their forth coming marriage. An Engagement Announcement is a traditional form of communication about this happy event.

These types of announcements can be made by the parents of the bride-to-be
or by the engaged couple.

Engagement Announcement Wording
Some people choose to publish an Engagement  Announcement in a local newspaper to ensure that all friends and acquaintances have been informed of the engaged couple's commitment to each other and their  plans for the future.

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Engagement Announcement Etiquette
An Engagement Announcement is generally sent to individuals via a card or published in a newspaper. An Engagement Announcement may be made either by the newlywed couple or by the parents of the bride. We have detailed the appropriate wording for either options below.  

Sample Engagement Announcement Wording and Etiquette
The following sample Engagement Announcement Wording and Etiquette provides the appropriate wording and etiquette for this happy event..


Wording Layout, Etiquette and Content

Wording ideas from the parents of the brideIssued by the: Bride and Groom

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Brown
are pleased to announce
the engagement of their daughter

Susan Alexandra
John Greenhill

on Saturday, 30th May 2014


Ms. Joanne Raymond
Mr. Carl Wells
are pleased to announce
our engagement to be married

on Saturday, 30th May 2014


Sample wording ideasSample Wording

Engagement Announcement Cards
Modern Engagement Announcement cards are often customized to include a photograph of the happy couple and include the names of the bride and groom together with the intended date of the wedding.


Engagement Announcement in a Newspaper
An Engagement Announcement in a Newspaper can be written in a variety of ways. The following wording for a newspaper  will provide guidelines, etiquette and will save you time!


Newspaper Engagement Announcement Wording

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Brown of New York
are pleased to announce the engagement of
their daughter Susan Alexandra, to John Greenhill,
son of Richard and Jane Greenhill of
New Hampshire.

Ms. Brown, a graduate of
Yale University, is a doctor in New York City.

Mr. Greenhill
also graduated from Yale, and
practices in the Law Offices of F.B. Franks
in Brooklyn, New York.

A July wedding is planned.




Engagement Announcement Wording

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Engagement Announcement Wording & Etiquette

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