Educational Vision Statements

Educational Vision Statements
Write a Vision Statement that provides an inspiring visualization of the future for your educational organization such as a school, nursery or college. The definition of a Vision Statement is a sentence or short paragraph providing a broad, inspirational image, or vision, of the future with a clear guide and direction, defined as 'An Image of the future we seek to create'. They reflect the aspirations and the core beliefs of the your educational organisation. The most successful Educational Vision Statements are inspiring and compelling. These encompass all types of schools and colleges including nursery, elementary, middle schools, high schools and public schools. Educational Vision statements reflect the future plans for increasing the diversity of the organization, future projects for improving facilities and equipment.

Educational Vision Statements

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Educational Vision Statements - The difference between a Vision and a Vision Statement
Concentrate on where you believe your School will be in five years time. School Mission Statements focus on today whereas Educational Vision statements contain details of the future of the School - its vision (the future plans with aims and objectives). These types of Statements focus on tomorrow. Non profit organizations, such as a School or educational institution, write Vision statements to clarify and emphasize their future goals and direction their establishment is taking. The difference between a Mission statement and a Vision Statement is explained in the following definitions.

Definition of a Mission Statement: 'Purpose, reason for being'. Defined simply "Who we are and what we do".
Definition of a Vision Statement:  'An Image of the future we seek to create'.

Educational Vision Statements Example
Check out other Educational Vision Statements or those of educational organizations to give you some inspiration. An example of a Educational Vision Statement is as follows:

We are a forward-thinking [organization] aiming to prepare our students for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with critical thinking skills, global perspective, and respect for core values of honesty, integrity, loyalty, and compassion.
Developing these skills is the corner stone of the education we offer.
Students will have success for today and be prepared for tomorrow.

Educational Vision Statements - How long should it be?
A good example is just one sentence or one short paragraph consisting of between two and four sentences. The importance of this type of description should not be underestimated. A good vision statement focuses the minds of the teachers, children and parents on the aims and goals of the educational organization. One small sentence can convey confidence in the future direction and inspiration for your educational organization or establishment…

Useful Hints and Tips on writing Educational Vision Statements
Some hints and tips on how to write a Educational Vision Statements are detailed below. First gather important information before writing about the future of your School. Make short separate lists of the following:


What you currently do for pupils and how you hope you might extend the curriculum in the future. Also consider your ideas for potential projects - Building projects, classrooms, sports facilities, library equipment etc.

People - Pupils, teachers, teaching assistants, governors and parents.

The Beliefs, Values and Philosophy of the school. Culturally relevant information

The future aims and goals

The teaching community in your educational organization and ways to inspire a passion for learning.

Put your most important words together which must be combined in one sentence or short paragraph. Next, watch the video! You will then have learned Educational Vision Statements!


How to Write Educational Vision Statements - Watch the Video!
We have provided a short video on a simple step-by-step guide on how to write effective, descriptive statements for an educational organization.


How to Write Educational Vision Statements - Watch the Video!


How to Write Educational Vision Statements
Watch the Video!

Need to find out how to write Vision Statements for your educational organization? Our Samples and Examples Help! Our free video provides a good example of how to complete this task. The short video is designed to provide some inspiration to approaching this important undertaking. Save yourself some time and look at the example for help and inspiration.

How to Write Educational Vision Statements

Educational Vision Statements - Sample Guide and Template
We hope you have found ideas, help and inspiration to write an effective statement which is suitable for your educational organization.


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Educational Vision Statements

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Educational Vision Statements

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