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Executive Summary

What is an Executive Summary?
An executive summary plays an important part of a business report or business plan. An executive summary is typically a short summary of a long document providing a quick overview of a full-length business report. Click Report Writing for a fast presentation on this subject.

What is the purpose of an Executive Summary?
An Executive summary summarizes the content of the different sections of a business report which is situated before the main content of a report. The executive summary allows the the reader of a report to scan the most import elements of a full length report. It provides the main contents of a business report in a nutshell and is the first part of a report that a reader will read.

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Length of an Executive Summary
The length of an Executive summary should not exceed one page. Each element in an executive summary highlights the critical areas of a business report. Your executive summary should give the reader an overview of your report - try to make it interesting, it's a taste of wht's to come, your objective is to make the reader want to learn more!

How to write an Executive Summary
Writing an executive summary is a complex task. Some things to and tips to consider when writing and considering the format of an executive summary in a full length report are as follows:

The last task when producing a business report should be writing the executive summary

A brief summary of every important section of your business report should be included in the executive summary
Use bullet points to improve the presentation of your executive summary
The content of should includes information such as:
   * A fast overview of your report
   * Important information about each section
   * Important facts and figures
   * Main recommendations and conclusions
Ensure that the reader can use the executive summary as an overview - it's your report in a nutshell!
Make sure your highlight the main points of your report

How to write an Executive Summary - Format & Template
The following example provides the format and template with suggested wording designed to show you how to write an Executive Summary. The example is taken from a Training report which was written to introduce key changes to training in a company.


How to write an Executive Summary - Format & Template

Executive Summary FormatSample Wording and Etiquette

Executive Summary Format / Template

  • Explain the problem / task

  • Provide the solution to the problem

  • Give the examples of how the solution will be implemented to meet the targets of the company

  • Main advantages of the solution

  • Overview of the implementation

  • Main advantages

  • Future gains and benefits

  • Financial overview and benefits

Executive Summary Format / Template

  • Company needed to move from a Task focused to a Customer Service focused organisation and prepare for substantial future growth

  • Induction Training course designed using latest training methodology and technology

  • Fully developed in-house 100% relevant to the company and the business

  • Induction Course requirements task training, system training, product training and customer service training

  • Training Manual and keying instructions developed

  • Courses geared towards 80/90% knowledge retention

  • Coaching and Mentoring strategy in place

  • Policy of continuous improvement monitored by a process of on-going evaluations and assessments

  • Training Course Evolution web based skills acquired Intranet facility and online training

  • Tangible Commercial Benefit a saving of xxxx over a three year period

Sample Format & LayoutSample Wording Etiquette

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Executive Summary

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How to write an Executive Summary

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