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Letters and Memo

Letter Format Examples

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Letter Format Examples and Samples - Convey a Professional Image
Find letter format examples and samples of many different types of letters. Letter writing can be daunting - we struggle to create a professional image and make sure the letter format is correct. That's before we even start to consider the actual content of the letter! Our professional letter format examples and samples resolve these issues - problem over! Our Letter format examples include ideas for wording with samples of both business and personal letters. The professional letter format examples provide standard templates that clearly show the proper business letter format and wording that will convey that professional image that you are looking for both home and office. You can simply and easily change the wording on the personal and business letter samples to suit your needs quickly, simply and easily.

  Letter Format Examples - Polite, Professional in the Proper Format!

Professional Letter Format Examples
It's not until we enter the world of college, university or business that we have need to compose a letter. We have no practical experience of letter writing and few of us are given lessons on this important subject of letter format examples and samples. All your letter writing issues will be resolved with our letter format examples and samples of wording for the most common types of letter you will need to compose.


Letter Format Examples - Types of Letters
There are many different types of letters - just glance down the menu bar for some of the most common types of letters. Our Letter Format Examples give samples of the format and content of all of these different types of letters together with unique videos that provide simple guides to the art of producing professional letters.

Types of Letters, Formal / Informal Format
There are just two basic types of letters - a formal format for business letters at the office and an informal format for your personal letters for home use. Our letter format examples and samples of wording and layout will make either of these tasks simple, quick and easy.


Professional Letter Format Examples - Formal Letters
Formal letters for business are the most daunting types of letters to write. It's important in business to get the right message across using a professional and concise approach to business letters. There is pressure to write using a more official format and standard business words and terminology. Our letter format examples and samples of formal business letters will help with both the format and the content. And with access to computers bad handwriting and dodgy spelling are no longer issues!

Tip 1 for writing formal business letters is always use the spell checker!

So with issues relating to bad handwriting or spelling eliminated you are on your way to writing a good, professional formal business letter. Our letter format examples and samples of wording and layout resolve any problems with the content.

Professional Letter Format Examples - Style and Format of Formal Letters
With formal business letters you are writing on behalf of a company or business. It's important to look professional. Generally you will not know the recipient personally so the format, style and structure of business letters is applied in a formal style.

Tip 2 for writing formal business letters. If you don't know the recipient personally
don't pretend you're their best friend - adopt a polite, professional, formal style

The letter format examples and samples provide you with all the standard elements of formal business letters. Choose a formal font like 'Times New Roman' to convey a professional image. This is the standard font style of choice used by companies and business.

Tip 3 for writing formal business letters - Use 'Times New Roman' font style

Professional Letter Format Examples - Personal and Informal Letters
Most informal letters are much easier to write as you will know the person you are writing to. You won't be judged on the format and content! Not all informal letters are easy to write especially if you need to send a personal apology letter or a condolence letter.

Tip for writing personal letters - Use the 'Arial' or 'Verdana' font style

Choose a formal font style like 'Arial' or 'Verdana' as these are informal and friendly fonts.



Letter Format Examples - Letter Headings
The Letter Format Examples start with the Letter Headings for formal letters. The style and content starts with the letter headings - the address and contact details.

Formal Letter Headings
Use Headed Paper, where available. The Company or Business address, email, fax & telephone details on the top left hand side of the page. The date then follows. On the Right hand side of the page include the name of the recipient, if available, the Customer Address and any reference numbers.

The picture provides one of our letter format examples on formal letter headings. Use this as a good reference as it's easy to forget important elements in a formal letter heading.

Letter Heading


Professional Letter Format Examples - Salutation
The professional letter format examples and samples all have a simple, standard format. They have contact details that the recipient might find useful and they have a suitable salutation such as Dear Mr. Smith for a formal letter or Dear Susan for an informal letter. A salutation is an official word for a polite expression of greeting. A professional letter format has official content for someone you don't know and an informal format and layout for someone you do know!

Professional Letter Format Examples - The Simple 3 Paragraph Rule!
The professional letter format examples and samples all have a simple, standard format. We have explored the salutation and headings and the next golden rule to writing professional business letters is the 'three paragraph rule'. All official business and informal personal letters should contain a minimum of three paragraphs. This will give you a good structure in your letter writing. The Opening Paragraph is simply your reason for writing. The Middle Paragraph contains the Body or the Main Text. The Closing Paragraph is self explanatory, something like "Look forward to hearing from you etc."

Professional letter format - 3 paragrah rule

Our professional letter format examples and samples of wording and layout help you to resolve any problems with the content of letters.


Professional Letter Format Examples - Closing Letters
The professional letter format examples and samples all have a simple, standard format which ends with closing the letter. The first thing is to choose the closure wording. The words to use when closing letters with a formal style or format are "Yours faithfully" (to unknown person on business) or "Yours truly" (to a slight acquaintance). The words to use when closing letters with a informal style or personal format are "Yours sincerely" or, for a very Informal, friendly style use words like "Love from..."

Professional Letter Format Examples - Types of  Letters
We have provided professional letter format examples and samples for many different types of letter which will help you with the majority of your requirements. Click a link on the menu bar to the left to access the professional letter format example of your choice. The types of letters included in this section include:


Professional Letter Format Examples - Types of  Letters

Business LettersComplaint ResponsePersonal ReferenceBusiness Reference
Character ReferenceOpen Business ReferenceSample ResignationThank You Letters
Interview Thank YouBusiness Gift Thank YouSample Cover LettersChristmas Gift Thanks
Speculation LettersRetirement LettersPersonal ApologySample Thank You
Application LettersDonation LettersCustomer ApologySympathy Letters
Condolence LettersSample RecommendationEbay FeedbackCover Letters
Sample MemoExecutive SummaryGoodbye to Co WorkersCar Bill of Sale
Letters to SantaWhom it may concernFree letters from SantaLove Letters
Employment verificationFarewell lettersLease TerminationRetirement Letters
How to sign lettersFundraising lettersLeave of absenceNames for Teams
Appreciation letterIntroduction letterLetter of InterestResume Cover Letter
Letter of complaint SampleTestimonial Letter SampleApology LettersCondolence Letter

Professional Letter Format Examples - Types of  Letters


Letter Format Examples

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