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Letter of Interest

Letter of Interest
A letter of interest is also called a speculation letter and is used to contact prospective employers that haven't advertised a specific job opening to apply for. These letters demonstrate your ability to show initiative and provide you with a great opportunity to convince a prospective employer that it would be worth their time to interview you.

A letter of interest needs to detail your skills and experience and why you would be an asset to the company. Keep it short, make it different to your CV and make it memorable.

Letter of Interest
A Letter of Interest is important, it's your opportunity to get your 'foot through the door'. It requires the correct format etiquette and wording. Generally you will not know the recipient personally so the format and structure of a Letter of Interest is written in a formal style, applying the correct protocol and etiquette.

Letter Format


Sample Letter of Interest Format
The sample format, wording and writing etiquette is all you need to enable you to write a professional Letter of Interest using a standard format and the correct wording etiquette for these types of letters. It's your opportunity to get that dream job!

Letter of Interest Content
The sample format provides a good example of how to write a Letter of Interest that includes the proper way to start and close these types of letters and the proper salutation - a salutation is an official word for a polite expression of greeting. It should include information about why the business interests you, why you would like to work for the company and that you would be a valuable asset who could make a positive contribution to the company. 

How to write a Letter of Interest - Format & Template
The following example provides the format and template with suggested wording designed to show you how to write a Letter of Interest.


How to write a Letter of Interest - Format & Template

Letter of Interest FormatSample Wording and Etiquette

Address Details
Contact Numbers
Email address


*Dear xxxx,

First Paragraph

Second and Subsequent Paragraphs

Closing Paragraph

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Rowling

Curriculum Vitae

* If the name is unknown then address to 'To whom it may concern' or 'Dear Sir or Madam'

First Sample Paragraph
I am an enthusiastic ____________ and wish to enquire about openings in __________. My interest in your company has been stimulated by its innovative reputation which has inspired me to write this letter.

Main Body Sample Paragraph
I am
passionate about working in the _______ business and would love the opportunity to explain my enthusiasm face to face so that you might register my details for any future vacancies.

I enclose the following relevant documentation to support this enquiry:

Curriculum Vitae

Closing Sample Paragraph
It would be so exciting to pursue my ambitions with your company. Please call me on ____________  or email me at 
Thank you for your consideration.

Enclose relevant / supporting documentation

Sample Format & LayoutSample Wording Etiquette

How to write a Letter of Interest - Watch the Video!
We have provided a short video on how to write a Letter of Interest containing a simple step-by-step guide to writing letters using a professional format, etiquette and wording.


How to write a Letter of Interest / Speculation Video


How to write a Letter of Interest

Confronted with a task? Need to write a Letter of Interest? Not sure where to start? Our Samples and Examples Help! Writing letters of interest can sometimes be difficult or tricky. Our video sample provides a good example of how to write a Letter of Interest and is designed to provide some inspiration to approaching this task. Save yourself some time and look at the video example with the correct format and layout to use when writing a Letter of Interest.

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Laptop -  Letters Etiquette

Letter of Interest

Format, Etiquette, Samples and Examples
Improve your writing skills with format examples
Professional format and wording
Letter of Interest format for office and home use
Standard Format and wording etiquette
Heading and Address format
Salutation & Closing - how to start and end
Video example and sample of how to write a Letter of Interest

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How to write a Letter of Interest

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