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Fundraising letters

Fundraising letters
Writing Fundraising letters is one of the most difficult of tasks. You are looking for help to raise funds from a company, business or individuals. Where do you start? We hope we can provide a few ideas! Check out our video on the subject and our sample fundraising letters.

Fundraising letters
The wording of the Opening Paragraph to your letters should reflect the reason you are writing, try to make it personal by giving them an details of who or what you are raising money for. Keep your letter polite and informative and remember to include any documentation which will help with your Fundraising request, such as media coverage, advertising materials or a brochure. Try to include a request for a donation of small items this can often produce some surprising results.

Letter Format


Some things to consider when writing Fundraising letters
Some ideas and important things to consider when writing fundraising letters are:

Make good use of your research into the companies and organizations you are contacting - always try to personalise the letter by using a name rather than Dear Sir etc

Start the letter by explaining about the fundraising event
Extend an invitation to the fundraiser or an opportunity to learn more about the project
State what other types of donations would be of help - try not to limit them to money
Keep fundraising letters to a single page in length
Include details of how the donation will help and who will benefit
Try to give something back in terms of a public 'Thank you' via the media or advertising
Include any links to websites about the fundraiser

How to write a Fundraising letters - Format & Template
The following example provides the format and template with suggested wording designed to show you how to write Fundraising letters.


How to write a Fundraising letters - Format & Template

Fundraising letters FormatSample Wording and Etiquette

Letter Heading / Company logo

Address Details
Tel. Details
Fax Details
Email Address


Name, title and address details of the recipient

Dear xxxx,


First Paragraph

Second and Subsequent Paragraphs

Closing Paragraph

Yours sincerely,

John Brown

First Sample Paragraph
I am writing on behalf of __________ to request a donation for our fundraising event called  ___________ This fundraising event will be held on Saturday July 15 at _______________.

Main Body Sample Paragraphs
I would like to extend an invitation to you and your company. The local media will also be in attendance to publicize the fundraiser and it would be wonderful if you would agree to be one of our sponsors. Just in case you need a little extra motivation to sponsor us, here are a few reasons for our fundraising event:


Closing Sample Paragraph
I am also seeking assistance in respect of funding for ______ Any help your company might be able to offer would be most appreciated as funding, as always, is extremely limited. Thanks in advance for your thoughtfulness and generosity!

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How to write a Fundraising letters - Watch the Video!
We have provided a short video on how to write Fundraising letters containing a simple step-by-step guide to writing letters using a credible format and sensitive wording.


How to write a Fundraising letters Video


How to write a Fundraising letters

Confronted with a difficult task? Need to write Fundraising letters? Not sure where to start? Our Samples and Examples Help! Writing letters can sometimes be difficult or tricky. Our video sample provides a good example of how to write Fundraising letters and is designed to provide some inspiration to approaching this task. Save yourself some time and look at the video example with the correct format and wording to use when writing a Fundraising letters.

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Examples of writing Fundraising letters


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Fundraising letters

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Salutation & Closing - how to start and end
Video example and sample of how to write fundraising letters

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How to write Fundraising letters

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