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Thank You Note

Thank You Note
A Thank You Note is used as an informal expression of gratitude to a close friend or member of the family. What can be nicer than to show your appreciation for a gift or someone's help than writing a polite, grateful thank you note? Thank you notes do not take long to write, will bring a smile to a friend or loved one's face and will most certainly convey a lot about your manners, reflect your good upbringing and your character.

Thank You Note
A thank you note is usually written on a ready made notelet or card, but you can choose a more formal Thank you letter.

Which ever format you choose it is sure to be appreciated.

Letter Format


The Difference between a Thank You Note and a letter
The differences between a thank you note and a thank you letter are as follows:

Notes are sent to close friends or members of the family
A thank you message is often written on a ready made notelet or card
Address and contact details are not necessary
A formal layout or format is unnecessary
Notes are always hand written

The thank you note sample template is designed for the centre of an open card or notelet - some ready made cards or notes already have text added. For those without text a nice format is to put a small quote or poetry extract on one side and your personal message on the other

How to write a Thank You Note - Format & Template
The following example provides the format and template with suggested wording designed to show you how to write a Thank You Note.


How to write a Thank You Note - Format & Template

Thank You Note FormatSample Wording and Etiquette

A nice touch when sending a Thank-you note or card is to include a Thank-you quote

I can no other answer make, but,
thanks, and thanks.

Quote by William Shakespeare


* See below for more Thank you Quotes


Dear xxxx,

Thank you very much for the _________, it really was just what I wanted! Every time I use / wear the _________ I will think of you and your thoughtfulness. I wanted to take the time to write my thanks and I will call you soon, to thank you in person .

Best Wishes or Love
or With Grateful Thanks etc.

Sample Format & LayoutSample Wording Etiquette

Thank You Quotes
The following Thank-you quotes are very suitable for thank you notes and cards:

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention." Quote by Oscar Wilde
"Gratitude is the memory of the heart." Quote by Jean Baptiste Massieu
"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." Quote by Mark Twain
"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it!" Quote by George Elliston
"I feel a very unusual sensation - if it is not indigestion, I think it must be gratitude!" Quote by Benjamin Disraeli

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Thank You Note

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How to write a Thank You Note

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