Famous Vision Statements

Famous Vision Statements
Reading a selection of Famous Vision Statements provide good guidelines to creating one for yourself or your own company.  We have provided a whole range of samples and examples of famous vision statements from some of the most important and successful companies, businesses and corporations around the world. They include examples from companies such as Nike, Mattel, Disney, Ikea, Amazon, Avon and Toys 'R' Us . These famous Vision Statements provide a great insight into the aspirations of these famous companies. These examples and samples of famous vision statements are generally short, clear, vivid, inspiring and concise without using company or corporate jargon, complicated words or concepts. These famous Vision Statements are inspiring, powerful and compelling.

Vision Statements

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Vision Statements

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Famous Vision Statements
Many famous companies, corporations and organizations combine both their present accomplishments, which would typically be found in a Mission statement, together with their future aspirations in just one statement. A hybrid or combined version of both a Mission and Vision statement. There are no rules, the choice is down to the company who decide what they are trying to achieve and who will be reading the statement.

Famous Vision Statements used by successful Companies and Businesses
There are no rules, as such, for writing a Vision statement - a quick glance of our selection of examples will show you that there is not a universally adopted format, however, the best examples of famous vision statements are written along the following guidelines:


The best examples are Simple, Short, Clear and Concise

The best examples include Inspiring, Dynamic, Powerful and compelling words about the future

Examples of Famous Vision Statements
Click the following link to access examples of statements from famous companies and businesses.

Our Top Ten Statements
Listed below is our top Ten list of Famous Vision statements:

Famous Vision Statements

 "To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world"
* If you have a body, you are an athlete.

2Toys 'R' Us"Our Vision is to put joy in kidsí hearts and a smile on parentsí faces."
3Disney"We create happiness by providing the finest in entertainment
for people of all ages, everywhere."
4Amazon"To build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online"
5Avon"To be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service
and self-fulfillment needs of women - globally."
6Heinz"The World's Premier Food Company, Offering Nutritious, Superior Tasting Foods To People Everywhere."
7Ikea"Affordable solutions for better living."
8Starbucks"To establish Starbucks as the most recognized
and respected brand in the world."
9Mattel"To be the premier Toy Brands - today and tomorrow."
10Health Net"To help people be healthy, secure and comfortable."

How to Write Vision Statements - Watch the Video!
You have a great selection of Famous Vision Statements to use as guidelines but we have also provided a short video on a simple step-by-step guide on writing your own statements and descriptions of the future.


How to Write Vision Statements - Watch the Video!


Watch the Video!

Writing a report or business plan? Need to find out how to write Vision Statements? Our Samples and Examples Help! Our video provides a good example of how to complete this task. The short video is designed to provide some inspiration to approaching this important business undertaking. Save yourself some time and look at the video examples for help and inspiration.

Famous Vision Statements


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Famous Vision Statements

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Famous Vision Statements

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