Vision Statement Examples

Vision Statement Examples
Vision Statement Examples are useful when you need to create your own vision statement for your company or business. We have provided a whole range of samples and examples of vision statements from some of the most important and successful companies, businesses and corporations around the world. They include examples from companies such as Nike, Starbucks, Apple, Walmart, Coca Cola, Macys, Amazon, Toyota Heinz and Virgin Atlantic. We have also provided examples for personal use, school, church or educational organizations. Whether you are looking to compose  personal or professional vision statements these following samples and vision statement examples will provide you with some excellent ideas and inspiration.

Vision Statements

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Vision Statements

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Vision Statement Examples - What is a Vision Statement?
A good description is a sentence or short paragraph providing a broad, inspirational and dynamic image of the future. A Vision is defined as 'An Image of the future we seek to create'. Some businesses and organizations choose to combine both their Mission statement with their view of the future. These Vision Statement Examples will provide you with some good ideas and inspiration for writing your own descriptions and contain future plans with aims & objectives. The best examples are powerful and compelling, conveying confidence and inspiring views of the future. Spend a little time thinking about what you hope to achieve in the future. Make a 'wish list'. Make notes as you look at our samples and Vision Statement examples - they will give you some great ideas!

Vision Statement Examples
It's not just corporate businesses and companies that make use of these dynamic descriptions.  Many people are searching for samples and Vision statement examples to help them write a description of the future for their personal use, a church, an educational institution, a non-profit organization and small companies or small business. We have provided separate articles covering the following examples:

Vision Statement Examples used by successful Businesses
Get the 'feel' for your task by checking out these Vision Statement Examples of some of the most successful companies in the World. The descriptions created by large businesses tend to be short, concise, memorable, dynamic, clear, engaging and inspiring. Persuasive and compelling words  are often used often referred to as "Power words". We have detailed samples and examples from many great businesses, just click a link to select any of the Vision Statement examples detailed below:

Vision Statement ExamplesStrategic Planning
General MotorsMcDonaldsToyota

Vision Statements and Strategic Planning
Successful companies and businesses believe and actively work on strategic planning and encapsulate their aims and objectives into a mission and/or a vision statement. Strategic planning is part the process for determining future direction and strategy, analyzing risks, assessing resources and decision making. In order to make decisions about the future direction  of an organization it is necessary to understand its current position, its resources, the competition,  market share, customer and supplier requirements and the possible ways to grow the business or company.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning focuses on specific aspects of a business such as Quality, Planning, Communication, Consultation, Strategy, Competition, Change process, Responsibilities and Future Goals.

Southwest AirlinesCoca ColaNike
MedCentral HealthAmazonBudweiser
Avery DennisonAutolivAvis Budget Group
Avon ProductsBlack & Decker Caterpillar
Colgate-PalmoliveDelphiEstee Lauder
Foot LockerGameStopHeinz
Health NetHertz Global HoldingsHost Hotels & Resorts
Kraft FoodsMacy'sMattel
Medco Health SolutionsTenet HealthcareToys 'R' Us
DHLGateway ComputersWhirlpool
Virgin AtlanticSearsHewlett Packard
General motorsIkeaWalmart
Vision Statement ExamplesStrategic Planning

Vision Statement Examples used by successful Companies and Businesses
There are no rules, as such, for writing a Vision statement - a quick glance of our selection of examples will show you that there is not a universally adopted format, however, the best examples are written along the following guidelines:


The best examples are Simple, Short, Clear and Concise

The best examples include Inspiring, Dynamic, Powerful and compelling words about the future


How to Write Vision Statements - Watch the Video!
You have a great selection of Vision statement examples to use as guidelines but we have also provided a short video on a simple step-by-step guide on writing your own statements and descriptions of the future.


How to Write Vision Statements - Watch the Video!


How to Write Vision Statements
Watch the Video!

Writing a report or business plan? Need to find out how to write Vision Statements? Our Samples and Examples Help! Our video provides a good example of how to complete this task. The short video is designed to provide some inspiration to approaching this important business undertaking. Save yourself some time and look at the video examples for help and inspiration.

Vision Statement Examples


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Vision Statement Examples

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Vision Statement Examples

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